Glad you found my web page. My name is Toni Brandt. I am a 45-year old "computer geek" with many strings to my bow.

Since autumn of 2014, I am working as Systems Developer at Alandia Insurance and I have enjoyed it a lot. But now, there are som major changes going on. In mid-May, I'm starting a new job. More information will follow...

I live with my fiancée Inga, our sons Björn and William, as well as our cats Mysan and Mickinch in our cozy timber house in Finström, in the heart of Åland Islands.

I find something interesting in most things and hardly ever get bored. Most of all, I am interested in computers, cars and creative expression forms. I always have at least one project going on.

Diversity and contrasts is what fulfills life.

You can also find me at wegurus.